Small Interactive Living Room

This architecture visualization project combines high-quality global lighting, interactive objects, detailed textures, and 3D models to provide a realistic and accurate virtual experience of the original space. This is a valuable tool for architects, designers, and building owners who wish to visualize their project in advance.

The project is modeled in 3DS Max, textured with Quixel Megascan and Adobe Substance Painter, and rendered with Unreal Engine 5.

This sounds like a very advanced and demanding project! Using 3DMax for modeling, Quixel Megascan and Substance Painter for texturing, and Unreal Engine 5 for rendering is a powerful combination that can deliver high-quality and photorealistic results. The use of global lighting and interactive objects can add an additional level of realism and engagement for the viewer, making it a great tool for presentations, marketing, and design decision-making.

The ability to visualize a space before construction can be invaluable for architects, designers, and building owners, as it allows them to identify potential issues, make design changes, and gain a better understanding of the final product. This can save time and money in the long run by eliminating the need for physical models or costly construction changes.

Overall, architecture visualization is a valuable tool in the architecture and design industry, and the combination of the latest technology and software can lead to even more impressive results.

3D Designer:
fernando de la ossa
3D Modeling:
fernando de la ossa
project type:
7 days
pablo coronado
reproduction of the original
february 10, 20223

Video of the project

Interactive Scenario with Blueprints

Interaction with the objects in the project has been programmed using Blueprints, a visual programming language integrated in Unreal Engine 5


UVs and Materials

The creation of UVs (texturing coordinates) is important in Unreal Engine for several reasons:

  1. Texture mapping: UVs are used to map textures to the surface of a 3D model. If the UVs are not well organized or optimized, textures can appear distorted or repeat incorrectly on the surface of the model.

  2. Performance optimization: UVs also affect the performance of material application in Unreal Engine. A good UV mapping can reduce the number of textures needed to cover a model, and therefore improve performance.

  3. Visual quality: Good UV mapping can enhance the visual quality of material application in Unreal Engine, allowing for greater realism and detail in models.

Lighting and Materials

Global illumination can greatly enhance the visual quality of a scene, creating more realistic lighting, shadows, and reflections. Unreal Engine uses a variety of techniques to achieve this, including dynamic lighting, indirect lighting, and reflections, among others.

High-quality materials are another important aspect of creating stunning visuals in Unreal Engine. The engine includes a comprehensive material editor that allows you to create complex materials with advanced features like subsurface scattering, reflection, and refraction. You can also use textures and normal maps to add detail to your materials, and adjust various settings to achieve the desired look.


Design in Details

This project is based on the work of the famous architects delavegacanolasso, tini.

Project information:

Project title: house of sand
Architecture: delavegacanolasso, tini
Location: Madrid, Spain
Construction: Tini
Photography: Imagen Subliminal



meeting area






kitchen area