[ Optimization of really dense 3D mesh ]

High Poly to Low Poly and Bake Normals

Optimization of really dense 3D mesh

We work with software specialized in the optimization of 3D objects, we reduce objects with a large number of polygons while maintaining their shape but also maintaining their UVs and textures.

In this way we provide a solution to simplify mesh in 3D objects without losing its quality. These 3D objects can be used in video game design, uploading to the web, optimization for virtual reality scenarios or architecture, or simply for optimization reasons for animations with special effects in films or advertising.

3D objects can be created in any 3D program like 3DS Max, Maya, Blender, etc.

Who Benefits from 3D Modeling

    • Architectural Visualization
    • Virtual Reality, Augmented and Mixed Reality
    • Furniture Manufacturers
    • Watch Manufacturers
    • Appliances Manufacturers
    • Electronics Manufacturers
    • Fashion Designers
    • Jewelry Manufacturers
    • etc…

We create accurate lifelike 3D models of commercial products of any type that can easily improve marketing strategies and tell about the product in more detail.

We have all the necessary modern software, experience and knowledge to create accurate photorealistic 3D models of commercial products of any direction, from electronics and clothing to furniture and vehicles.

We provide our clients with superior 3D modeling services in order to increase audience attention and accelerate sales growth. Our team is backed by state-of-the-art technologies and advanced knowledge to guarantee the delivery of any project on time according to the approved plan and the wishes of the customers.

You are free to choose any of our custom 3D modeling design services to strengthen your product marketing efforts, reach a new level of customer awareness and significantly increase your sales.