Georgios Burnham H.

[ 3D Designer - Unreal Engine VR Dev. for Archviz and Game Environments - PC Technician]

  • DEPARTMENT: Architectural Visualisation – VR Development
    • – 3d Modeling
  • EXPERIENCE: +20 Years
  • EMAIL:
  • PHONE: +43 677 62482396


In Austria my contact with nature makes me feel inspired and very happy. Thanks to my knowledge I have also participated in several projects both in Austria and Germany for clients from different parts of Europe.

In my free time I continue to update my knowledge in computing, 3D models design and virtual reality environments. I have no hesitation in having to learn a new technology and adapt it to my workflow.
As hobbies I make prototypes in 3D printing with different materials, it is a passion to turn what you imagine into a design and later be able to print it. For that hobby I use tools like Solid Works, Blender and 3DS Max

As a person I am communicative and I like to work in a team, I can manage jobs under pressure. I like to give solutions to problems and contribute ideas.
I am constant, clean and punctual. For me, time and family are the most precious things in the world.


CEO. Project development.


Technical Builder, Technical Drawer


3D Designer. VR Archviz Developer.

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs
3D Modeling and texturing (3DS Max & Blender)
unreal engine vr development for archviz and games environments
C++, JavaScript Coding.

Hard & Soft Skills

My workflow starts by applying the BIM methodology and export the models to 3DS Max.

I make the 3D models with 3DS Max or Blender. For texturing I use Substance Painter. I render with programs like Cycle, V-Ray and Corona Render. Video edition with Adobe Premier and I retouch my work with Photoshop.

I have knowledge as a web application programmer where I present my finished work.

I create applications in Virtual Reality for different devices (PC, Androind and IOS)

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