Fernando de la Ossa.

[ Technical Architect - 3D Designer - Unreal Engine VR Dev. for Archviz and Game Environments]

  • DEPARTMENT: Architectural Visualisation – VR Experience
  • EXPERIENCE: +10 Years
  • EMAIL: f.ossa@nonrealxr.com


Since 2009 I have always used 3D software as a hobby until 2020, when I decided to turn my hobby into my job.
I have learned to use Autocad and SketchUp, which I used in my work as a building engineer. After the lockdown, I decided to start with 3D Max, Unreal Engine and Photoshop because I wanted to change my life and become a 3D artist.
From 2020 I have created projects for different clients and I have participated in groups for several 3D works.
In my free time I continue to learn new methods that I can apply to my projects like environmental elements, VR and animations.
I am a communicative person who can adapt to any situation. I always fight for my work and when I have a problem I look for the best solution to carry on.


3D Designer. Environment Designer.

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs
3D Modeling and texturing (3DS Max)
unreal engine vr development for archviz and games environments
Blueprint Code for Unreal Engine.

Hard & Soft Skills

I work with 3D Max where I create my models or I adapt them for later use in Unreal. For texturing I use Quixel Megascans and Photoshop. I render with Unreal. The picture and video editing is done with Adobe Premier and Photoshop.

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